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Standing Brazier

Standing Brazier

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More Than a Brazier

Not only does it serve to create embers, but it also features an accessory for grilling and another that can be used as a kettle or frying pan to prepare a side dish! The platform elevates the charcoal or accessories you want to place beneath the brazier off the ground.

The Perfect Accessory to Accompany Your Chulengon or Balcony grill.


  • 2.5mm thick black sheet
  • Round iron lattice, size 8


  • 800-degree high-temperature paint


  • 50cm x 35cm x 105cm

Packaging Box Measurements:

  • 77cm x 53cm x 38cm


  • Suitable for 2 standard bags of charcoal or firewood.


  • The product is shipped disassembled on a custom pallet with all its components and assembly instructions included.

Includes the brazier, spit support, pot support, shovel, and poker holder and a rain cover


Additional add's on accessories: 

  • shovel & poker
  • Disco
  • Burger Kit
  • Asador¬†
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