About Us

Fuegos came to life simply by enjoying an evening around a fire.
In these moderns times, where everything goes so fast, and there is no time to stop, where the feeling is that we are behind everything, right there... is when Nature slow us down, with all her beauty and immensity, shows us that we are a very small piece of this perfect puzzle.
Fire, fuegos, in Spanish, is one of the elements that connect us.
It doesn't matter where we are from. We all have in common that being around a fire is an enjoyable time. It is a positive moment every time.
Cooking on fire is that same cosy feeling. It returns to the origins, where the food was cooked on a fire.
The spirit of barbequing is to share, get together and enjoy beautiful food cooked on top of hot ambers.
Is enjoying the present moment
That is our message, our mission, to get more together, to slow down and enjoy a great time around a fire.
We are traditional and innovative. We represent the spirit of human origins, and for it, we bring to market stylish, practical and build-to-last products.