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Smoker Asaparri

Smoker Asaparri

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Indirect Cooking Smoker Oven

Introducing our indirect cooking smoker oven, where culinary possibilities come to life with extended cooking times and an extra touch of smoky flavor.

What Does Indirect Cooking Mean?

Indirect cooking involves placing charcoal/wood in the side boxes, ensuring that food does not come into direct contact with the fire. Instead, it's exposed to the heat and smoke, much like an oven. This unique method allows you to create exquisite dishes with a distinctive smoky essence.

The Signature Smoke Ring

When you cook meat with smoke, it produces the renowned smoke ring—a pinkish hue around the outer edges of cuts, gradually darkening towards the centre. This smoke ring is the hallmark of smoked delicacies.

Large Capacity for Charcoal

Our smoker can accommodate a full bag of charcoal at once, split between both side boxes. Once ignited, we recommend maintaining the fire with wood.


  • Include a grill for keeping food warm after cooking or direct grilling.
  • Three bars and six hooks for vertical cooking.
  • Pyrometer clock with a temperature range of up to 400°C.
  • 800-degree high-temperature paint finish.
  • Sturdy has a 2mm black sheet metal structure and 3.2mm thick bottoms.
  • Adjustable air vent for heat control.
  • Detachable side boxes and tray for easy cleaning.

Measurements: Please refer to the image. Packaging Box Measurements: 55cm x 40cm x 90cm (Arrives disassembled with all pieces for assembly included).

Capacity: 140 liters

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