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Chulengo Classic Argentinian grill BBQ

Chulengo Classic Argentinian grill BBQ

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Chulengo Classic Argentinian grill BBQ

Experience Authentic Argentinian Grilling

Introducing the Chulengo Classic Argentinian grill BBQ, the epitome of outdoor culinary excellence. This grill combines tradition with innovation, ensuring you get the best taste with every meal.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for Any Outdoor Space: Whether it's your patio, garden, deck, or terrace, the Chulengo fits right in.
  • Dual Grill Design:¬†Divided into two grills - a large one made of round iron and a smaller one with a rack for smaller foods.
  • Hinged Lid and Stopper: Enjoy versatile cooking options with added convenience.
  • Stylish Design:¬†Elevate your outdoor space with its sleek design.
  • Material: Crafted from 2.3mm black sheet iron grills.
  • Finish: High-temperature paint on non-food-contact structures, with the rest greased to prevent rust.

Price Inclusions:

  • BBQ
  • Rain Cover
  • Poker & Shovel
  • Pair of Wheels

Packaging: Customized pallet, securely disassembled with all components held by bands to ensure safe transit.

Discover the art of authentic Argentinian grilling with the Chulengo Classic Argentinian grill BBQ. Plus, enjoy the guidance of one of our Argentinian team members who will cook the first BBQ with you, providing valuable tips and tricks. (Additional cost may apply.)

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