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High-Quality Materials

Asaparri bbqs are made in Argentina using high-quality materials such as thick steel plates, stainless steel grills and cast iron cooking surfaces. These materials are known for their durability and ability to withstand high temperatures, making them perfect for outdoor cooking.

Versatile & Innovative

Asaparri's traditional and innovative barbecues are easy to carry, to set up and to cook on. They look stylish and have a really tidy and professional finish. They are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of cooking styles and techniques. Whether customers want to grill, smoke, or roast their food, these barbecues are capable of delivering exceptional results.

Authentic Argentinean Flavor

Nothing beats the flavours and juices from a woodfire or charcoal barbecue. Asaparri barbecues are designed to replicate the authentic Argentinean grilling experience. This style of grilling results in a unique, smoky flavor that is characteristic of Argentinean cuisine.

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Firepit With Grill (XL)


Classic Argentinian Grill with Brazier


Fire Stoker


Classic Argentinian Grill


Firepit With Grill


BBQ Camping Set


BBQ with Firebox


Brasero - Ember maker


Chapon - Windbreaker accesory


Disco Barbeque Grill


Shovel & Poker


Burger Kit


ASAPARRI Basic Parrilla Kit Grill


ASAPARRI Full Parrilla Kit Grill


Small Asador Asaparri BBQ Grill


Large Asador Asaparri BBQ Grill